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Providence Music Studios is proud to call Shelter Island Soundof Manhattan home! Harnessing the incredible sound of this legendary studio, we produce all artists with industry-leading quality and results!

Providence Music Studios is proud to call Shelter Island Sound of Manhattan home! Harnessing the incredible sound of this legendary studio, we produce all artists with industry-leading quality and results!


-We are so passionate about artist development; whether an artist is just starting out, experienced, a solo act, full band, it doesn’t matter to us, we love to help artists start from scratch, and deliver an industry standard record, brand, and much more! Here is a brief overview of our artist development process:

-Pre-Production: where we meet with an artist to hear their catalog of songs, ideas, hooks, basically whatever they have big or small. At this meeting we make a game plan for whatever is needed to move what an artist has into production, whether it’s co-writing to finish ideas, hiring musicians, stylizing a sound, booking studio time, etc… whatever is needed to make an artists music a reality we will cover it at length during Pre-Production.

-Recording: at this stage, we will bring in studio musicians to perform the arrangements developed during Pre-Production. This is an exciting and fulfilling time for the artist as they watch their ideas come to life utilizing top industry professional musicians.

-Music editing: (this stage is skipped if the artist uses Providence Music Studios’ studio musicians as they will not need editing.) Time in the studio comes at a cost, sometimes emerging artists will have some mistakes that are too costly to fix while in the recording environment. Our music editing is where we will fix any flaws in an artists’ musical performance, we will fix drum timing and tone, bass tuning and timing, guitar performances and keyboards as well.

-Vocal Production: at this juncture, the artist will come in for a series of vocal recording days; every vocalist has a range of ability, our job is to get them to perform their absolute best and to cover whatever still needs improvement in editing.

-Vocal Editing Production: while there are very few vocalists that can sing with absolute perfection, our goal is to make sure the finished vocal is it’s ideal best. We will make a composition of several vocal performances for each song, auditioning line by line picking only the best performances, we will then take that composition vocal and tune any notes that need some finessing and make sure their timing is aligned as well. The end result is a vocal that expresses the best an artist can offer.

-Mixing: This is the home stretch for every production, here we will employ state of the art engineering equipment, and mixing engineering talent, to ensure artist’s recording(s) come out with the industry achieving results.

-Mastering: We will handle all communication, file transfers, references and edits with the right mastering engineer, ensuring all music is optimized for industry standard sound and broadcasting level.

-Legal Protection: At this point, we will advise artists on how to register with Performance Rights Organization, copyright their sound recordings and brand, preserve mechanical license and discuss the options of publishing available for monetizing their musical work.

-Marketing: at this stage, we will help artists discover their brand and ensure that the right steps and industry professionals are employed for artwork, logo design, and all other visual representation. We will also strategize for the next steps of musical release for Press, T.V. and Film.

That’s how we help artists to take next steps in the industry… that is how we forge a community of friends who like to make good music happen!


We are outright obsessed with sound recording…

We love the modern clarity of the digital age and cherish the warmth of our analog past; what we are proud of is our ability to live in either world exceptionally well!

We have the best microphones, instruments, rooms and engineering equipment at our disposal to bring every artist’s recording to life! Housed in Shelter Island Sound Studios NYC, we can help artists shake hands with the success that so many icons have discovered in this one of a kind facility.


When an artist is done with all the writing, performance, recording and ready for the home stretch of mixing we are here!

While we love to mix our in-house productions, it is always a treat to fly up those already recorded tracks and jump in! We utilize incredible mixing consoles made by SSL, along with the best outboard equipment by world-renowned designers like Neve, Chandler, and RCA… Artists can expect a timely turnaround, with what equates to two days per song, ensuring that all you hoped to hear is happening with your recording(s).

We can also help to provide any type of restoration that may be necessary, stop over at our “editing” tab to see a full list of our editing services.


We love to produce great records, but we also love the reward that comes from helping artists step more into their role as such.

Every artist has a necessary unique and personal sound, message, style, viewpoint… often these unique quality’s can be cluttered and overwhelming when isolated; we love creating clairvoyance for artists in our producing role.

Whether it’s a band or a solo act, we will walk alongside every step of the writing, revision, engineering, recording, and mixing process, ensuring each artist, and all industry professionals involved are authentically delivering and creating for the artist’s benefit. Our goal is to help each artist accomplish what they were put on this planet to do!


We offer a wide range of editing services:

Vocal Editing/Tuning & Timing: We can edit vocals in timing and pitch without detection.

Drum Editing & Replacement: We can repair drum performance for accuracy and recording quality; time alignment, reconstructing special environments, and drum components themselves can all be edited, enhanced, repaired or replaced.

Stringed Instrument Editing: We can repair bass guitar performances in both time and pitch. Enharmonic instruments, such as guitar and piano, we can repair in time and pitch, however, pitch repair varies on multiple variables with enharmonic performances, we can help facilitate the best options for enharmonic repair.

Audio Restoration: We can consult for any form of audio repair.

We will handle all communication, file transfers, references and edits with the right mastering engineer, ensuring all music is optimized for industry standard sound and broadcasting level.









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    • Providence Music Studio – API2448









    • Shelter Island Sound – Control Room









    • Shelter Island Sound – Live Room









    • Shelter Island Sound – gear









    • Shelter Island Sound – Gear


API 2448


Mic Locker:
Coles 4038 Ribbon x2 (matched pair)
U67 Tubed Peluso model x2 (matched pair)
U47 Tubed Lawson model 
Royer 121 Ribbon
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann KMS 105
Senhiser 421
Senhiser 441 
Several other industry standard dynamic mics by Shure, Audix etc…

Pre Amps:
BAE Neve 1073 x2
BAE 312A X2
Chandler Abby Road X2
UA Audio 610 Tubed Pre
Daking X4
Fink Audio (Bill Putnam styled tube) X2
24 Channels of SSL SuperAnalogue preamps

Inward Connections Brute opto 
1176 Fink Audio X2
Daking Fet III X2
SSL Compressor with dynamics x2
SSL Master Bus Compressor 

24 4-band parametric XL 9000 K Series G Series
24 4-band parametric XL 9000 K Series E Series
Fink Audio Pultec X2

Gretsch 6120 Jr American 
Gibson J200 Jumbo American Acoustic
Fender Custom Shop 1959 Time Machine Journeyman Relic Jazzmaster
some other guitars…

Custom Hatcher Plexi 50 Watt Head
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special Combo
Fender 5watt Champ
Custom 410 Green Back Half Stack
Lots of pedals
few other weird little amps…

AMPEG SVT Classic All Tubed Bass Head
Ampeg 4HLF Bass Cabinet
2017 American Fender Precision

Dunnett 7×14 Australian Walnut Snare
Ludwig Classic Maple 3-Piece Olive Sparkle
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride Cymbal Regular 22 in
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Crash Cymbal 18
Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hats Regular 14 in
RockStar Tama kit 
California Custom kit 

Protools HD3 system

UAD Octo Card x2
Waves Mercury Bundle
Steven Slate

We can also make arrangements to access the full list of Shelter Island Sound gear list as well.

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